Accurate cost reporting is essential to every skilled nursing, hospice, and home health facility. Many facilities don’t receive appropriate reimbursement because owners simply don’t have the training, understanding, or expertise in determining the appropriate bucket in which to place expenses. We analyze your data so costs are reported thoroughly and accurately, saving time, reducing errors, and maximizing proper reimbursement.


Each state has different methodologies and rate setting provisions for Medicaid reimbursement rates. Our team at 3MC Consulting has years of experience working with health care facilities located across the country.

Our staff is heavily involved in a variety of state associations affiliated with skilled nursing, assisted living, home health, and hospice organizations. We attend conferences and committee meetings and receive frequent email updates about legislative sessions affecting Medicaid policies. We believe it is vital to your success that we stay abreast of important information and changes regarding reimbursement and how legislation will affect your reimbursement. We are pleased to offer Medicaid 101 training to help you better understand this crucial aspect of health care.



Federal law mandates that Medicare Part A providers submit annual cost reports to a Medicare Administrative Contractor (MAC). Each region in the United States has a specific MAC to whom we send reports. However, if a facility was previously owned by a company based out of a different region, the reports must be sent to the prior MAC. With these complexities, we are pleased to offer our clients simplicity and the peace of mind that comes with having the leader in health care consulting on your team.

3MC Consulting methodically and accurately completes and submits the reports for skilled nursing, hospice, and home health facilities. Our experience and industry relationships mean your report is accurate and sent through the proper channels. In the event of an audit, we work closely with auditors to support the numbers provided on the cost report and any adjustments that were made. We are members of several national associations including the American Health Care Association, National Investment Center for Seniors Housing & Care, National Hospice & Palliative Care Organization, and National