3MC Consulting, LLC has extensive experience providing consulting services to health care providers and investors on state and federal guidelines. Whether buying or selling new facilities or trying to update bank account information for governmental payment deposits, we ensure clients remain in compliance with state and national regulatory procedures no matter how large or small the task.


The purchase or sale of nursing facilities, hospices, and home health agencies requires an unbelievable amount of paperwork, follow-up, and painstaking attention to detail. Improper completion of state licensure, Medicare, and Medicaid forms could cost thousands of dollars or slow the transition process to a halt. At 3MC Consulting, we are pleased to provide expert assistance in the coordination of change of ownership filings.

As in every industry and business, our people are our best assets. 3MC Consulting’s Chief Regulatory Compliance Officer, Brandie Lamberth, has years of experience in the health care consulting industry and has formed strong relationships with every level of organization involved in the change of ownership process. Brandie and our team attend conferences and remain thoroughly informed on Medicare and Medicaid updates in order to provide the best service possible to our clients in an ever-evolving industry. The valuable connections 3MC Consulting has with state licensure and certification, Medicare contractors, and Medicaid offices allow our clients to reap the benefits of a smooth and efficient change of ownership process.

State licensure and Medicaid guidelines differ from state to state, which can be confusing for business owners whose facilities span multiple states. It is our goal to understand the nuances and complexities of how the licensure process works and how Medicaid functions in each state so that we can assist our clients in benefiting from their state’s policies. We often work with both parties in a change of ownership situation, so no matter which side of the process you are on, we can meet your unique needs and help ensure a smooth transition.



Periodically, Medicare and Medicaid will require a facility to submit a revalidation application for the purpose of updating the information currently on file with the government agencies. Revalidation is a standard process, but the forms can be confusing and subject to improper interpretation. If filed incorrectly, owners could face fines or even become in default of their provider agreement and payments for services rendered may be suspended. At 3MC Consulting, we have the expertise and experience necessary to answer every question thoroughly and properly. We will coordinate the filing of your forms, ensuring they are submitted as quickly and accurately as possible. But we don’t stop there – we continue to follow up with the appropriate authorities to ensure the applications are approved.


It is important to ensure the operating permits are filed timely and remain in effect. This requires periodic filings of license renewal applications. With the demands of running a facility or group of facilities, this can be demanding. We assist by shouldering some of the burden of filing these applications so you can focus on operations and patient care.