At 3MC Consulting, we understand that transitioning your nursing facility, hospice, or home health agency requires an extensive amount of time and effort. Decisions concerning financing and lines-of-credit are complicated, and many business owners don’t know what to expect when shopping for lenders. We work with owners who wish to absorb other facilities, add new ones, or begin a brand new health care facility. Our team has years of experience consulting for the health care industry specifically, and we are happy to provide the knowledge required to help transition your business smoothly. We offer services such as

  • Assistance working with various lenders meeting your needs
  • Accounting services
  • Vendor recommendations
  • Evaluation
  • Consulting


Our team at 3MC Consulting exists to meet your specific business transition needs. When it comes to financing, finding lenders, and more, we can make introductions to lenders, help negotiate the deal, or anything in between. We are happy to fully transition your business or you can pick and choose how you would like our team to assist you. Our staff finds lenders who not only offer fair, reasonable rates, but also have close relationships with lenders who provide working capital and HUD loans which are important for many health care facilities.

Transitioning a health care facility can raise unique challenges or surprising factors that many business owners have not considered. Our team has spent many years in the health care consulting industry and we are often able to offer advice from a position of experience no matter the circumstance. During the last three years, we successfully assisted our clients with over 30 business transitions, and we make it our goal to proactively communicate with clients to ensure they know exactly what to expect.


3MC Consulting works with skilled nursing, assisted living, hospice, and home health organizations located across the country, so we are uniquely positioned to assist owners who are transitioning businesses across multiple states. Additionally, we are members of several state and national associations such as American Health Care Association and National Investment Center for Seniors Housing & Care. We regularly attend conferences and committee meetings and are always updated about changes to Medicare and Medicaid that could affect your facility’s transition.